Many successful projects

In recent years, Lorünser has implemented many prestigious projects worldwide, including the largest hydropower plant in Central Africa in Andritz/Ethiopia, offshore wind farms off the island of Rügen, and high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission such as England/France or India. Lorünser provides support as a partner in terms of planning, design and engineering as well as completely equipping with components such as clamps, cables, pipes, insulators, busbars and much more.

Lienz substation 380/220-kV

Lienz substation, East tyrol in Austria

The Lienz substation is the only electricity feed-in point for the whole of East Tyrol from the Austria-wide 380/220 kV high-voltage grid of Austrian Power Grip (APG) and is therefore particularly important for the region’s electricity supply. After more than 60 years of operation, the plant was in need of refurbishment and was brought completely up to date. Clamps and string material were supplied by Lorünser Austria.

Champa HVDC 800 KV, India

The Champa-Kurukshetra HVDC project is an important project for the region, transmitting electricity from Champa in central India to the northern regions over a distance of about 1400 kilometres. Due to the long distances and huge power transmission needs in northern India, high-voltage direct-current transmission (HVDC) is the solution for low-loss transportation of electrical energy over long distances. Lorünser Austria was responsible for supplying all the string elements and connection clamps, including corona protection devices, in the 800 kV valve hall. 

Champa Station Kurukshetra
Bucharest south substation

Bucharest south substation, Romania

The Romanian substation Bucharest South supplies most of the capital with electricity. The challenge: It was not permitted to switch the substation off completely at any time so as not to endanger the city’s electricity supply. Lorünser Austria was entrusted with developing the necessary components such as strings, clamps, insulators, cables and pipes as well as all the engineering..

Rio Madeira Dam in Brazil

Due to Brazil’s rapid economic development, the demand for energy is also gradually increasing. To meet this challenge, Brazil is relying on production in remote areas of the Amazon. The Rio Madeira dam complex in South America is one of Lorünser’s largest infrastructure projects to date. All power generated by the power plants is transmitted via Lorünser connection clamps.

Substation Brazil
Laufenburg, Switzerland

Laufenburg substation, Switzerland

Located close to the German border, west of the Swiss town of Laufenburg, is a substation that is an important hub for Europe-wide electricity distribution. Due to liberalization of the electricity market and the rapid expansion of wind power, energy flows have increased significantly throughout Europe. For this reason, it was necessary to adapt the transmission capacity of the high-voltage grid to the changed conditions.