The perfect connection

Looking for a solution for outdoor substations, proven knowledge of switchgear technology or flexibility in development and production? Lorünser experts develop individual solutions for perfect connections in switchgear, whether in aluminium or bi-metal, ranging from 66 to over 1000 kilovolts AC or DC.

Reliability and security are important factors, particularly in the power supply field. Any system failures here mean not only an undesirable interruption to supply, but often entail massive outage and consequential costs. In addition to the right design for the switchgear in question, Lorünser pays particular attention to the basic materials used. Almost all products are made of high-quality primary aluminium and are subjected to the special T6 heat treatment. This ensures enormous resilience and durability.

Switchgear up to 150 KV alternating current (AC)

The latest product line in the Lorünser Austria range has been specially developed for the high-voltage range from 66 to 150 kilovolts. This is particularly interesting for smaller power plant projects and the price-sensitive market.  

As usual, the high-voltage products are also high in quality and designed for easy installation in a wide range of applications.

Switchgear up to 420 kV alternating current (AC)

In the extra-high voltage field (245, 420 kV, etc.), Lorünser Austria offers a wide range of products, comprising more than 20,000 items for different areas of application and market requirements, including expansion connectors or connection clamps for high-temperature conductors. 

Due to the modular system, Lorünser clamps can easily be adapted to new conditions. Reliability in power transmission is always guaranteed. Despite the high level of flexibility in product variety, the components are produced in one piece – welding inside the clamp is strictly taboo.

Switchgear up to 500 kV alternating current (AC)

Lorünser has designed a product series specifically for ultra-high voltage systems. Such products are used mainly in countries with higher voltage levels, but also for 400 kilovolt systems located at altitudes above 1000 metres, such as in Peru.

Clamps designed for high voltage levels are necessary, since the insulating effect of equipment is already reduced by up to 30 percent at 2000 metres. It is important to prevent discharges and thus corona effects.