High-voltage direct-current transmission solutions (HDVC)

Technology for a secure energy future

Due to increasing energy demand, there is a growing need to provide additional network capacity or to improve the performance and resilience of existing transmission networks. There is also increased demand for integrating renewable energies, such as connections to offshore wind farms and solar or power lines over long distances, which require new solutions. High-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission solutions are usually the best answer here for technical and economic reasons.

Switchgear up to 1000 kV direct current (DC)

HVDC lines are considered to have lower losses in power transmission than conventional three-phase (AC) lines and, unlike other systems, can be used over very long distances of 700 kilometres or more.

Back in the 1980s, Lorünser was one of the first companies to develop connection technologies for the HVDC lines which were novel at the time.

The Champa-Kurukshetra project in India is a modern example of how HVDC can be used to transport energy over some 1400 kilometres from southern India to the power-poor north.

Valve hall suspension
All Lorünser connectors are rigorously tested in laboratories such as the University of Graz.
Lorünser corona protection device

Valve hall – HVDC

For HVDC projects, Lorünser has developed a new connection technology series for valve halls and the DC yard. It is thus possible to provide all the equipment necessary for valve halls, including string elements, connection clamps and corona protection devices.

The advantage: The special flexibility of Lorünser connectors allows adjustments to be made at any time, even if there are major inaccuracies on the construction site.

For HVDC projects, Lorünser offers a complete modular system for a wide range of requirements: 

  • Flexible designs depending on the system – prevent malfunctions
  • From simple flexible suspensions, solutions via knuckle-boom systems to telescopic connectors for current-transmitting length compensation
  • 3D simulation for integrating Lorünser connectors in cooperation with the respective partner company
  • Collision checks and analysis of the effects of earthquakes on the system and much more…