Equipment for hoisting and hauling

We make things happen

Need a suitable cable pulley for your hoisting and hauling task? The Lorünser manufacturing programme ranges from simple hoisting or hauling cable pulleys and inclined or drive pulleys to special pulleys for specific applications that are individually tailored to the task at hand. The best results in the development and production of high-performance equipment for hoisting and hauling are based on technical expertise and state-of-the-art design methods.


Customized products

Depending on the customer’s specifications, Lorünser can offer a fast and market-driven solution for a wide range of parameters. It uses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and CAD or FEM processes to do this. In addition to new pulleys, it can also supply spare parts for older pulleys. They are made according to the original drawing in the Lorünser archive.

In one piece

Lorünser casts standard pulleys mainly in the mould; the bearing seats in the pulley body are surface-compacted. Depending on requirements, the flanged pulleys are made of cast aluminium, wrought aluminium alloy or steel.

Permanent mould casting is particularly suitable for medium to large runs. The moulded castings are used in a wide variety of applications. They can weigh from a few grammes to over 60 kilos. The advantage is that workpieces produced in this way have a finer and denser grain structure in contrast to the sand-casting process. The result: a product with better mechanical properties and greater dimensional accuracy.

Bearings & Axles

Full steam ahead

Standard pulleys or special designs are available in different materials, sizes and bearing types depending on the application. Lorünser has developed special computer programs for designing the bearings and axles. At the customer’s request, it is possible to install maintenance-free sealed bearings or relubricatable bearings.

The pulleys are provided as standard with additional plastic or steel cover plates for protection against dust or water. The hardened and tempered axles are galvanized but can also be supplied in stainless steel.

Inserting rings

Used in the harshest conditions

Lorünser offers different types and materials for pulley insert rings depending on the application and load.


On the one hand, high-quality rubber compounds protect the cable, pulley, bearing and supporting structure. On the other hand, rubber insert rings ensure quiet running both mechanically and acoustically.


Plastic insert rings are used specifically for extremely high loads.


Side discs made of Robalon are used for special pulleys, such as inclined or curve pulleys. This protects the cable and the flanged pulley.