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Laufenburg substation

Laufenburg substation, Switzerland
Conversion from 220 kV to 380 kV during ongoing operation

Overhead power lines from different directions converge on the busbars of the switchgear at the Laufenburg substation. Electricity is transmitted to distant cities and rural areas from this switching point which is a combined air/gas-insulated system. The task was to manage conversion from the existing 220 kV voltage level to 380 kilovolts.

Lorünser Austria adapted the relevant clamps to the gas-insulated busbars and supplied them. The Lorünser “one stop supplier” concept – everything from a single source – was also implemented for the first time. Along with clamps, Lorünser also supplied busbar tubes, tension strings and insulators. In addition, it was also responsible for all the engineering from simple circuit diagrams up.